lost in the dark (20161215)

you circle back
in this rain
retrace your steps to search for
that piece of yourself
you dropped

on the sidewalk?
in the gutter?

that thing you dropped
it is smaller than a snowflake
fragile as bones
woven of glass strands

and now
you say
i must go with you
to help you find it

i will bring a light
and hope my failing eyes
offer some assistance

your woods (Poem 20160504)

i search the wild place
inside you where you left me
you invited me into your woods
under the pretense of a picnic
i expected sandwiches under
these trees, to serve tea, watch
the sunlight dapple the leaves
but i have become lost inside you
my compass is slag in my hand
stars move about the sky unfixed
where the earth should be hard
it moves like water
caught in some legned or fairy tale
i curse myself for not leaving
a trail of small white stones
and listen in this silence for your voice


the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #35

Poem 20160326

strands of web
lock me in this place
like a fly
i wait for
my own apex predator
this night full of stars

in the blackened sky
i don’t know
how i lost
or why now as the web sings
–a plucked violin–

thoughts of you
your laughter and tears
one more star
my spider–
i won’t leave a scratch, she says
as she now leans in

the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #29
(5) Words: | WEB | LOST | BLACK | SCRATCH | LOCK |