an opening (20171106)

feels like insight, but–
just a cut
a small leak
everything inside runs out
until nothing’s left


along the interstice
ShaNov: Day 6

9 thoughts on “an opening (20171106)”

  1. This conjures up such pictures – mainly spilling guts unfortunately. But that might be a consequence of my weekend TV viewing.

    1. “An opening!” is a phrase frequently uttered during fight scenes in a lot of the anime I’ve watched, so the image is not altogether incorrect. 😊

  2. I loved this — short and bitter. What may look like a tiny setback or a small boo-boo to the ones looking in, may actually be the mother of all pains and heartaches. I definitely can relate to this!

    My life has been crazy these past few weeks. I’ll catch up on my crow poems very soon. xo

    1. Hit send too soon.

      Thanks for the comment. I’m always glad to see you. You’re right. The small wounds can linger the longest.

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