assorted ruminations (Poem 20160424)

the secret, the corpulent old pater familias
said, scratching his gut, is in keeping your
fidus achates close and your nemeses even closer

how i wish you would speak plainly, i said
you treat words as if you were struck
by some demiurgic fit

pulchritude in language is a gift, he wheezed
you should not treat your conversations as if
your words emerged from a bag of rocks
quarried from some vulgar site

i laughed at this
alack and alas, i said, i only asked for change
for the parking meter


National Poetry Month
NaPoWriMo Day 24
Mix and Match


the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #33
(5) Words: | PLAIN | LAUGH | SITE | ROCK | SECRET |

Poem 20150325

i whisper a secret in your ear

you smile, rise up
from where we sit
and walk barefoot
across the grass
to lean against an old fence
you try not to look at me
but i catch you anyway

a stream sings about rocks
and fish and water splashing
and in the distance
a handful of trees
whisper their own secrets
to each other
leaf to leaf
and branch to branch

your skin shines
like moonlight
and you move
like moonlight
illuminating everything
with each footstep
and beneath your toes
the grass
whispers a secret

Poem 20150301

tell me something
you’ve never told
another person

you don’t want
anyone else to know
but don’t want me to repeat
but something you need me know

something that binds us together

one person

i’m looking out
through your eyes
when i wake up
i’m breathing
with your mouth
when i say your name
it’s your skin that i feel
when i touch you
your heart beating
in my chest