liminal space beneath a rock (20170215)

today i lifted the rock
where as a child
i always found a menagerie
hapless creatures
slugs pillbugs spiders worms
damp in the shade between
their stone sky
and wet earth beneath
their many feet and raw bellies

only dry dust coated
the bottom of the stone
no damp earth, but a hole
carved through the earth
and in it
the sky on the other side
of the world
as if someone had placed
a mirror beneath the rock

but the sky below
held stars other than sun
and placing my hand through
the small opening
i felt ocean spray
on my palm
and no distance between here
and there

Poem 20160414

an inverse
as the space
between us two
has increased
we become less
less like friends, less like ourselves

a direct
as the time
has decreased
of all our
the words themselves grow shorter

like a bird
it’s an event
when you move
my aim falters
you take flight
you disappear
and my field of view empties


the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #32
(5) Words: | SPACE | FRIEND | EVENT | MOVE | AIM |

(This week it’s a Whitney; hat tip to Doug at Elusive Trope for introducing me to this form.)