wind-up angels (20170701)

i take my wrenches
brand new and gleaming
chiming like tuning forks
shining like suns
and disassemble these
clockwork angels

gears for guts
tightly-wound spring hearts
hollow aircraft grade aluminum bones
unseeing marbles embedded
in deep sockets

[they do not need to see–
they fly in darkness]

their oxyacetylene lungs
power their songs
their wings
their breath of fire

strewn about
their parts litter my garage floor
run your finger over
eight laid out in a row
and they ring
in the dorian mode

lung/lung breath/breathe (20161011)

rattle in the pipes
mystical blood flowing
through dragon veins
just the dishwasher
sucking hot water
from the heater
flushing food particles
too small to keep
as leftovers

your voices in the other
room where light
is brighter
music louder
though nothing recognizable

so much breathing
hopefully enough air
to go round

lung is the word
for dragon

shattered voices (Poem 20160503)

the angel unfurls its wings
wings of a thousand thousand feathers
each a razor black with blood

they beat
space is cut
voices of shattered glass
fill the air

it turns my way and i am pierced
lacerated by its message
its wings seek my heart
it flays the living flesh
from my bones
leaving no human trace
not even
my name

Poem 20150804

the clay is pretty quiet
when you work it

it doesn’t talk
the mouth only opens
if you’ve taken the time
to make a mouth

even then
one side is higher
not quite

there’s no tongue
no teeth behind the facade
of lips

if you work the loop
fast enough
you can hear the clay
as it smooths out
and falls in curls
onto the table

that’s a kind
of subtractive talking
all goodbyes
all goodbyes

Poem 20141222

where you walk
stones split open
and voices of fire
whisper the secrets
of worlds below

where you tarry
lavender springs from the earth
and the air fills with
the conversation of bees
and the whispers of hummingbirds

where you sleep
the stars weep with bitterness
envious of the earth
upon which you lay your head
and the darkness
seeks to cover you
like a mantle