we all fall down (20161027)

i turn out my pockets
to prove i have nothing
left of you in my

and am surprised
to find

ashes, a little salt,
a brittle molar hollowed
out by those twin mice

regret and despair
and what could be a
hummingbird’s heart

–beating or still i cannot
say–but composed entirely
of smoke


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Smoke

2 thoughts on “we all fall down (20161027)”

  1. Isn’t that something? No matter how we scrub someone’s existence from our life, we always find a tiny hidden granule or a nugget of them. I find those annoying reminders in a fold of my brain. They surface when I least expect them. I loved your poem! I can relate to every word.

    1. Thanks so much.

      Yeah, I don’t think we’re free of anyone who wanders into our lives. Even random people that you think you’ll forget as soon as they’re out of the picture.

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