less eclipse than occlusion (20171008)

the sun rolls in a rut
in heaven each day
spiraling lower
and lower still
like a skee-ball
thrown so hard it pops into the outermost ring

zero tickets for the effort

i want to wrap you up
like a snake

i want to swallow you whole
and feel you inside me
clawing your way out
the way words and dreams
used to claw their way out
before i got fuzzy and dumb and tired

i want to remember
the names i called you by

i want one of them to be a magic word
that will make you happy
without anyone losing an eye

low on the horizon
i pinch the sun
between my fingers
smaller than a dime
that orange bastard
has been trying to
give me cancer for years
let it roll beneath the horizon
for all i care
i’ll put my head in the sink
fill it with water
and wait for the mermaids
to start singing

14 thoughts on “less eclipse than occlusion (20171008)”

  1. That was great. “without anyone losing an eye” is fantastic. I’m with Pleasant Street – Damn. Or damned, lol!

      1. I heard,isn’t it that time of the season
        I remember going down laurel Canyon
        And there were these signs saying if you throw a cigarette but from the car they will
        Find your ass and burn you like the but you were,can’t say I miss California,I was there during the rodney Rodney riots,that was a time in my life that my El Nino got the best of me,so much for the grand depture into the great unknown, As Sheldon Always

      2. It is definitely wildfire season, or should be coming up on the end of it, I thought. Guess it’s going out in a blaze of glory, so to speak.

  2. I’m blown away. I don’t know what I loved best – being swallowed whole by a snake and the image of trying to claw out of it, or sticking your head in the sink and looking for mermaids!

    Wicked sense of humor and such talent! You really are a crow. Love!

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