seed/fruit (20161110)

i hold a seed
the size of an almond
in my fist
a dried out husk
covered in thorns

when i squeeze
it pierces my flesh
the soft spot
below my thumb

i bleed
i squeeze harder
feeling the bite

the seed is thirsty
but i won’t be
to satisfy it
though it would
certainly blossom
and bear terrible fruit

crimson drops decorate
the floor
the sizes and shapes
of cherry blossoms
i contemplate
tossing it into the fire
–being done with it
–being free of it
but i worry
i will miss
having something to feed
i will miss
the feedback of that sting

reunion (20160721)

waiting in the airport
for the arrivals
but so is everyone here

two young women
lean over the walkway
one dressed for summer
one dressed for seduction

who are they waiting for
i wonder to myself
before i once again
let my phone distract me

but i keep returning to them
she’s dressed in a way
that means someone
is getting lucky tonight

finally he appears
some young adonis
swarthy to her pale skin
all smiles when she rushes
and leaps into his arms
wrapping her legs around his waist
while she kisses him
and her summer friend
dutifully records this reunion
with her phone

i wonder if she’s bitter
that she’s holding the phone
or is she happy for her friends
knowing that she’ll be driving
while tangle up in the back seat

Poem 20141228

struck in the thigh
the warrior drops to his knees
tasting blood
in his mouth
mixed with bitterness
mixed with fear
mixed with defeat
mixed with regret
he remembers a sunny vineyard
where the dust rose
as he ran the among the rows of
bulging grapes
remembers a girl
with skin as brown as a chestnut
lips as sweet rose petals
and hair the color of