Poem 20160127

silence steals
between all our words
–like a sponge
it expands
filling up the space between
what we say and don’t

quieting even
the slow sounds of our breathing
–where to rest our eyes
our lives are made of silence
we don’t look at each other

our hearts drum drum drum
beating beneath the silence
a silent rhythm
(shadorma, tanka, haiku)

The Secret Keeper Weekly Writing Prompt

Poem 20150314

is this better?
sharp focus
clear lines between the letters
the card a sharp, painful white
so clear
you can see it all

or worse?
the room fuzzes over
instant caterpillarization
of letter forms
and lamp arms
and everything at arm’s reach
like a gel lens on a doris day

how about now?
and the lights go off
and there’s nothing to see
except the afterimages
popping like fireworks
and your imagination
popping like fireworks

Poem 20150216

let that small moment be still
when the coffee is hot and pure
when the bed is warm and the floor is cold
when the bread is warm enough to soften but not melt butter
when the radio plays our favorite song
when your hand seeks out mine
when your breath is in the hollow of my collarbone
when your eyes are half-closed and your mouth half-open
let time stop in his tracks

Poem 20141224

the throbbing pulse in your throat
the great river of heat coursing through you
the swelling of your chest
the filling lungs
the punctuated catching of breath
the mouth that barely opens
the lower lip caught between teeth
the eyes that close tight
the back that arches
the hands raking through my hair
and the release of it all