lost in the dark (20161215)

you circle back
in this rain
retrace your steps to search for
that piece of yourself
you dropped

on the sidewalk?
in the gutter?

that thing you dropped
it is smaller than a snowflake
fragile as bones
woven of glass strands

and now
you say
i must go with you
to help you find it

i will bring a light
and hope my failing eyes
offer some assistance

Poem 20150329

so impatient and greedy
for words
the reader clicks
and clicks and

and here they are
a few lines
meant for the hungry reader
lines etched in photons
that disappear
when the window closes
but leave their ghosts
trails on the backs of your eyelids
like fireflies
the night cannot hide

you could feel them
with your fingertips
if you could just

Poem 20150314

is this better?
sharp focus
clear lines between the letters
the card a sharp, painful white
so clear
you can see it all

or worse?
the room fuzzes over
instant caterpillarization
of letter forms
and lamp arms
and everything at arm’s reach
like a gel lens on a doris day

how about now?
and the lights go off
and there’s nothing to see
except the afterimages
popping like fireworks
and your imagination
popping like fireworks

Poem 20141221

the wind blew
and the trees shushed the twittering birds
in their branches
–that which slumbers must
forever dream beneath the loam–
and the birds which sang before
sang no more
and their tongues shriveled in their mouths
and their feathers became hard like scales
and they fell
flightless to the ground
and though they made not a sound
something stirred
from sleep