ornament (20170402)

a hollow christmas ornament
shattered against the fireplace bricks
such a shiny mirrored interior

what lives in there
that needs to see itself
wherever it looks
distorted in a not-so-fun house

the outside painted red
and i think
that’s the opposite
of what


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benediction (20170324)

this poem was going to
be about me, a really good one
i could feel it in my teeth
the way they ground together
edge to edge, a squeak
before shattering

close so close
if i could remember a word
just one word
i could piece it together
water the seed
watch it grow

i’d never have to write again
because after i put that to paper
what else
what more could i
have to add

walking in a land
where i am not heard
i cannot hear the words
of the army of deaf mutes
only the popping
of gristle as they work their
jaws like meat grinders

or am i the one
who makes no sound
and cannot receive
a benediction

Poem 20150725

The Reservoir
Peter’s Canyon Regional Park, Reservoir

we hiked

a trail we had been on before
well, part of it anyway

at a look out
we saw the reservoir
barely a mud pit
the last time we were here

the rains from last week
had left a soft layer of water
like the memory of ice
enough to create a reflection
of the tower
looming over the
otherwise dry bed

we left it

choosing today
to take the steep path
where the people climbing
looked like ants
crawling up a red line
of oxidized dirt

but for a moment
the tower in reverse
in the water
and the largest hill
still ahead of us
and the sun bearing down
hotter than expected