Poem 20150705

everything comes out on
independence day

and it all comes out in
the dark

illuminated by old men
in swim trunks

illuminated by remembering
the dead

illuminated by kids with glow bracelets
because fireworks are banned

(though you hear the illegal m-80s
exploding all night long)

watered down with beer
baked with too much sun

filled to bursting with hot dogs
and burges and barbecue

and finally an inevitable tumble
down a hill, face first into a wall

but the miracle of the lights
and the thundering booms

and the excited animal sounds
of the children watching

pure in excitement, redeem it
not only in america, you think

Poem 20150314

is this better?
sharp focus
clear lines between the letters
the card a sharp, painful white
so clear
you can see it all

or worse?
the room fuzzes over
instant caterpillarization
of letter forms
and lamp arms
and everything at arm’s reach
like a gel lens on a doris day

how about now?
and the lights go off
and there’s nothing to see
except the afterimages
popping like fireworks
and your imagination
popping like fireworks