Poem 20160127

silence steals
between all our words
–like a sponge
it expands
filling up the space between
what we say and don’t

quieting even
the slow sounds of our breathing
–where to rest our eyes
our lives are made of silence
we don’t look at each other

our hearts drum drum drum
beating beneath the silence
a silent rhythm
(shadorma, tanka, haiku)

The Secret Keeper Weekly Writing Prompt

6 thoughts on “Poem 20160127”

  1. The Shadorma and Tanka worked well together. I love your poem about silence. I want the silence at times when there is noise. But the silence you speak of brings on a sadness. When you can’t fill the silence when you wish or don’t know how to fill the silence, it is sad. A meaningful poem. – jk

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