baking (20210409)

there should be a word
for the smell of bread
that you have never baked
but always meant to bake

there should be a way to say
with a single word, three or
four syllables at most
–this is something i have made
something that you can take in
and let it be a part of you
either a whole meal
or just the sideshow
but it is science and alchemy
and biology and earth mother
for you

it should exist as one word
the way the bread is bread
but the crust is hard
savagely so
and the inside chewy
and the scent of yeast
but it is bread
is bread and trying
to divide it into separate dictionary
entries is a sin

host (20171116)

the millstone turns heavy
powered by blood
torrents of thick red
jam coagulating where it pools

and there’s no grist to grind
only chaff left
from the threshing floor

but grind it does
the wheel grinds
it is all it knows how to do
and so it turns and grinds

we bake our bread
with rough husk flour
we bake our poor loaves

black on the coals
of our ancestors’ bones

bitter is the crust
with no spot of fat
to grease the pitted stone
that is our only sustenance
and nothing to wash it

down but overflowing glasses of
gall bitter from our own hands

this is our bread
our communion

Poem 20150216

let that small moment be still
when the coffee is hot and pure
when the bed is warm and the floor is cold
when the bread is warm enough to soften but not melt butter
when the radio plays our favorite song
when your hand seeks out mine
when your breath is in the hollow of my collarbone
when your eyes are half-closed and your mouth half-open
let time stop in his tracks