Poem 20150912

nature is a mouth
longing to kiss
to force open our mouths
and drive in a frantic
desperate tongue

it runs its hands over
the sensitive parts
of our bodies
causing shivers
and tingles
and longing
inflaming the flesh
like a lover
bent on seduction

that sky
those clouds
even the hawk with
his breakfast
still squirming in his
just fingers seeking
the quickest way
into our hidden recesses

there is no resolve to break

Poem 20150131

she crawls on top of me
her skirt sliding up over
her thighs
bare knees pressed
against my hips
i can feel her heat
through my jeans
she leans down
her hair brushes
against my face
and she whispers
bearing down on me
like a fire
like the sun
her mouth against my ear
she whispers
“it’s okay if we do this”
and she presses down against me
and I slide my hands up her back
and find her skin
and her breath is fire

Poem 20141224

the throbbing pulse in your throat
the great river of heat coursing through you
the swelling of your chest
the filling lungs
the punctuated catching of breath
the mouth that barely opens
the lower lip caught between teeth
the eyes that close tight
the back that arches
the hands raking through my hair
and the release of it all

Poem 20141126

i see her through a sliding glass door
not sure how or why
only i know
in the logic of dreams
and madness
and fiction
that she and i shared a moment
a passion
and that shortly after
she died

but there she is
on the other side of the glass
alive even though i remember
seeing her buried

i open the door

aren’t you happy? she asks

i came back

Poem 20141112

I’d like to write a poem every day and see where it takes me. Maybe I’ll write a brand new poem each time. Maybe I’ll post revised versions of poems. Maybe I won’t do anything. Who knows.

Here’s the first one.

We could hear the couple
In the next room
Well, I could hear them since
You slept on and on
While they moaned
And the man said “don’t stop”
And the woman obviously didn’t
And I closed my eyes and tried to
Remember what the neighbors looked like
Tried to picture them in my mind
But stopped myself from waking you

You needed your sleep
After all
And I was the only one afflicted
With the sounds of lust or love or just
Hooking up
And I stopped myself from waking you
Kept my hands to myself
And you didn’t wake up to hear them
And the feelings
Weren’t contagious
After all