something feathered (20170522)

she opens her mouth
a bird escapes
some magic trick

silent bird
with its beak
welded shut
by shame
by trauma

the sound
you breathe out
through your mouth
the sound of wings

you can’t breathe and lie
at the same time, girl


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
dVerse Quadrille #33: Sound Off!

you can hear the moon talking to herself (20170508)

the wolf plants himself by the fire
just an emaciated bag of sticks

–what do you want, moon chaser

he licks a paw and grins

–just waiting for you to die, fat boy


together, we watch flames
sparks echo stars
shadows echo night


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #32: echo

the art and science of subduing spirits (20170424)

i have tied you up
and you have forgotten
the safety word

the knots keep you subdued

the ropes are of my own weaving
regret mixed with despair
a few threads left of honest desire

the knots keep you still

but you are just a shade
easy driven out by a strong light
easily chased into dusty corners

my silence keeps you silent


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #31: still

It’s National Poetry Writing Month!
Day 24

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fragments of peace (20170410)

paper mâché jesus
angel composed
entirely of dried ivy
stuck to a stone wall

jesus comes apart
during a soft drizzle
collapsing into smeared
classified ads

a dry santa ana
picks the angel apart
one leaf at a time
leaving withered veins
without blood


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #30: drizzle

It’s National Poetry Writing Month!
Day 10

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a treatise on [fill in the blank] (20170327)

a big fat balloon
found at parties
sometimes red sometimes shiny
telegraphing messages about age
and achievement

taking a deep breath
makes you talk funny
for a while

which is as long as it lasts
until it deflates
floats away
brushes against something sharp


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #29: balloon

river and hunger (20170321)

i am sewn into a beaver pelt
and set adrift in the river
i hear the rocks split the water
though only darkness feeds my
starving sense of sight’s appetite

i feel them drag along my back
these jagged river stones
not yet worn down, splitting the water
though only darkness feeds my
starving sense of sight’s appetite

no longer enough air to breathe
the stench of game hide and water fills my lungs
bruised, i flail, splitting the water
though finally darkness satiates my
starving sense of sight’s appetite


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Poetics: The River

memento mori (20170228)

focus on the pain originating in your molar
floating heavenward like an angel
made of nerves wrapped around broken stained glass
up through your hard palate
lodging between your ear and jaw

wonder for ten seconds if it’s cancer or an abscess
then opt for tmj because you’re tired and you
need to sleep

this is a memento that death leaves in your crib
to remind you every single day that you are not
in fact, going to live forever

or maybe he colluded with the tooth fairy
when you lost your first tooth
touched that soft bloody spot
in your gums

you obsessively kept
your children’s teeth
even the dog’s


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Poetics: One Memento

giggles and hits (20170227)

taking up pen, preparing a page
sober, serious–really quite sage–
i wrestled a wriggle
a jiggly smudge–no more than a giggle

struggling to make it behave
ultimately, i was the slave
discovering, to my chagrin
taming a word is a terrible sin


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #27: giggle

untitled (20170223)

little new in the news
(little love lost between late lovers)

i thought i was a cynic
defined once as a failed, frustrated romantic


that’s a digression
that’s a depression
that’s a diversion

everyone wants to be
a snowflake these days
as ephemeral as a cherry blossom
and so so cold
so cold you can’t expect
any warmth
just a glint of light
reflected and refracted
an impermanent diamond

no one is a snowflake
you’re all just raindrops
and you’re not even making
me wet

do i contradict your worldview?
very well then, i contradict it

what we have here is a (failure)
to communicate
but it’s only because my mirror
has darkened and cracked
on a different xy coordinate
than your own one dimensional glass


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
OpenLinkNight #190