inflation (20180131)

a yellow balloon occupies
each seat
a smile drawn in permanent
black ink across otherwise
smooth undisturbed skin

a prayer meeting of vipers
voices shrill from helium
each conversation
call and response of hisses

emptying heads sink
expelling opinions through holes
too small to let anything in

talk shrink wrinkle
deflate in the chair
like the double tragedy
of an unrolled unused condom

the good thing about
drawing on your smile–
you won’t lose any teeth
when you get punched in the mouth

you will always get punched
in the mouth

a treatise on [fill in the blank] (20170327)

a big fat balloon
found at parties
sometimes red sometimes shiny
telegraphing messages about age
and achievement

taking a deep breath
makes you talk funny
for a while

which is as long as it lasts
until it deflates
floats away
brushes against something sharp


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #29: balloon

balloon animals (20161213)

a room full of
transparent balloons
bouncing off one another

sometimes the static
electricity joins them
together but the air
conditioner will blow
–maybe gently, maybe not–
and they separate

we can see through them
but what animates them
that remains invisible
the lights may as well
be off
we may as will have
pins for fingers