you can hear the moon talking to herself (20170508)

the wolf plants himself by the fire
just an emaciated bag of sticks

–what do you want, moon chaser

he licks a paw and grins

–just waiting for you to die, fat boy


together, we watch flames
sparks echo stars
shadows echo night


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #32: echo

26 thoughts on “you can hear the moon talking to herself (20170508)”

      1. I read it like the wolf was calling the moon “fat boy.” The moon called the wolf “ingrate.” I may be off. I’ve pissed people off before by my misinterpretations! Lol.

      2. No such thing as a misinterpretation (unless it’s a willful one). I’m just glad you’re getting something out of it.

  1. The language is so raw and perfect – what a strong poem this is. The opening lines leave the reader wondering if the bag of sticks is the wolf or the fire – I love that mystery in art! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Hi crow, really enjoying your recent work. Very visual and tangible, so many pieces I loved recently. I don’t always comment but I am reading often.

    You mailed me a few weeks ago. Did you receive my reply? It was from a new mailbox and it could have gone to your junk mail

    Also, were you the one that suggested “The Singing Detective?”

    1. I think I got it…? I’ll go back and check. And yes, I suggested it. Loved loved loved that series. Elbow.

      And thank you!

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