stormy weather (20170605)

i blow your house down
like an ill-tempered storm
or come down your chimney
some kind of psychopath santa
crowbar open your windows
with words both iron and soft
but you remind me
it’s not my house
if i can’t open the door


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #34: Storm

28 thoughts on “stormy weather (20170605)”

  1. Woah, big bad wolf and psychopath Santa! Those are killer lines:
    ‘crowbar open your windows
    with words both iron and soft’.
    Glad the vampire rule still stands!

  2. Relationships must weather storms…crowbar usually ineffective (that santa is giving me the creeps). Intense write!

  3. Nice perspective on the storm as someone trying to blow through one’s house and then realizing the house does not belong to it.

  4. As always, your words go straight to the center of the onion. I’ve read several times and keep getting drawn back in. Yes, that closing phrase really kicks and the imagery of the poem is so strong! Poem onward, my feathered friend!

  5. I love poems that elicit more questions than answers (and by that I don’t mean poems that just befuddle). This poem brings up the query… who, or what, is the voice? Devilishly well done!

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