germination (20170212)

i grow a forest sapling by sapling
shade loving and rough barked

while leaves turn upward seeking light
the roots
demand darkness

the roots
feed the tree
driving into the earth
drinking its life
its undulating fingers writhe
in the fecund loam
strangling the living and the dead

this is what makes the tree blossom
this is what produces the bounty of fruit
the juice that runs down your chin
the soft sweet flesh between your teeth
the satisfied smile when you spit out the seeds

shed skins (20160807)

the eucalyptus has shed
its bark
now a smooth white
shushing like sandpaper
under my palm

it stretches fifty feet or more
and twists as it grows
a split the width of my finger
the length of my forearm
rises up the trunk

how simple it seems
to grow this way
add a ring
lose some skin
start over each year
praying for rain
and easy winds