silk (20170305)

i let the spiders under my skin
with the understanding
that there would be spinning
in my blood


i did not anticipate
the delicate tattooing
of your face and your name
on the inside of my skin
invisible in daylight
but available under near darkness

marrow for pigment and sharpened
spinnerets for needles
the gentle humming put me to sleep
many nights and i dreamed
of ink and web and shattering glass

with the lights out but for
a single candle
you can read my skin
and find yourself
stitched in glittering filament

organic compounds (20170206)

the spider i rescued from
the bathtub drain
lives now under my skin

she spins and sings a song
that only i can hear
her song is a vibrating wire

my blood is silk

i eat my wife and children
with a knife and fork
so i can call myself civilized

but i am an amateur
though earnest
and i clean up after myself

my blood is water
my blood is venom
my blood is water

Poem 20150928

it’s tiring
all of this saving
you save one spider
that crawls across your sink
fighting the urge to smash it
only to rescue the moth
the cat has trapped
by the sliding glass door
and you sigh
when you find the ant
crawling on your sleeve
maybe from the bush
you passed on the walk
and you brush it off
though you know if you found it
in your kitchen
you would have smashed

even mercy
and only the memory
of reincarnation
stays your finger
suspended in the air