organic compounds (20170206)

the spider i rescued from
the bathtub drain
lives now under my skin

she spins and sings a song
that only i can hear
her song is a vibrating wire

my blood is silk

i eat my wife and children
with a knife and fork
so i can call myself civilized

but i am an amateur
though earnest
and i clean up after myself

my blood is water
my blood is venom
my blood is water

9 thoughts on “organic compounds (20170206)”

  1. I reread the poem after reading the first comment. I thought the spider lived under your sink. You’ve surpassed yourself with this one. Couldn’t work out if it was the spider’s song or the poet’s. Dark and unpleasant. Don’t crow’s eat spiders?

  2. Be still my beating heart! I don’t know why I thought of Stephen King’s “The Shining” when I read your masterpiece. Perhaps there are traces of madness in everyday life that burrows beneath our skin until it gets restless and escapes. ❤

    1. I think there may have been madness involved when I wrote this. Not really sure where I dredged this one up from. Some place icky, I’m sure.

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