anger (20160601)

i can speak of anger
fluent in hard words
clenched jaw
balled up fist
tight-lipped mouth
that allows no human words

i can speak of anger
sudden blindness
urge to wrap your hands
around a throat
around the neck of a bat
and swing for the cheap seats

but instead
i will whisper to you
of forgiveness
that soft feather
brushing against your cheek
and beg for the same


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Angry

circus (20160531)

three rings in a circus
with no one cracking the whip
three rings on three fingers
but who is steering this ship

the lion-tamer’s lost his head
he misjudged the lion’s maw
the clown should have stayed in his tiny car
he’sĀ trapped beneath a weighty paw

i leave my seat and shuffle away
dragging my shoes through sawdust
these performances ended years ago
leaving nothing butĀ haunted rust


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Circus

blank line (20160530)

your hand is covered in dream
wet protein
all a body needs
running down
your finger
to the curve of your wrist

i dream of tracing that line
with my tongue
licking it salty clean
but you’re already
washing clean
of the whole affair

on the blank line sign your name
trace over the letters
written before
with your hand


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Blank

dream of the black horse (20160523)

–there were horses in the dream
what does that mean?

-what color were they?

–black horses, riding through
a grave yard

-i think you should be more
worried about the cemetery
than the horses

–seriously, what do they mean?

-horses are about power and passion
dark horses sometimes are about
dark passions, things you shouldn’t

–why a cemetery?

-something coming to an end
or your deviant passions
causing an ending

–you are so full of shit

-it’s not my dream


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Dream

night song (poem 20160521)

latticework honeycombs
where bees make blood
instead of honey

all the same to vampires

(i’ve wanted to sink my teeth
into the soft skin of your neck
on more than one occasion)

marrow sitting deep
inside singing and humming
i can hear it while you sleep

calling my name
i curl around you
offering warmth in exchange


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Sing

brick (poem 20160520)

when i die
i want to be wrung out
like a dish rag
every ounce of blood
every drop of salty water
squeezed out
i want to be pressure cooked
and made into ceramic bricks
that will last forever
and i want to be built into
a fireplace
where you burn logs
on cold nights
you will hear my voice
whispering in the flames
and the fire will warm my cold
brick nature
and i will feel like flesh
to your fingers
when your run your hands over me


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Brick

turbulence (poem 20160509)

the earth spins when you speak
i wonder about my weakness
why i can’t excise these
inner ear bones
that twist the world
under my feet
when your mouth opens
when your tongue glides
across your teeth
afterward, after words
i hear rushing blood
river rapids in my head
i think is it my heart
turning on a shaft
a waterwheel churning in my chest
flooding my veins
with turbulence


The Daily Post
The Daily Prompt: Chaos