night song (poem 20160521)

latticework honeycombs
where bees make blood
instead of honey

all the same to vampires

(i’ve wanted to sink my teeth
into the soft skin of your neck
on more than one occasion)

marrow sitting deep
inside singing and humming
i can hear it while you sleep

calling my name
i curl around you
offering warmth in exchange


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Daily Prompt: Sing

7 thoughts on “night song (poem 20160521)”

  1. You got me with the subject matter. Night song. Reminds me of a Kate Bush Song called Night of the Swallow (I think) anyway – anything night set. And the honeycomb, that got me too, the images transported me into the very setting and world you conjured because you are such a talented writer you can do this seemingly effortlessly.

      1. Are you kidding? Really you don’t know? Oh goodness, so it is true what they say about birds? they see others clearer than themselves 😉

      2. I know I can write well, but… I’m not always sure that what I write makes sense to other people. Sometimes I don’t even know what it means!

      3. Well i don’t know if I interpreted it correctly but I know you can write well and I love your writing. remember sometimes evne if someone doesn’t get it they may get something else, and if they love it then heck you win!

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