turbulence (poem 20160509)

the earth spins when you speak
i wonder about my weakness
why i can’t excise these
inner ear bones
that twist the world
under my feet
when your mouth opens
when your tongue glides
across your teeth
afterward, after words
i hear rushing blood
river rapids in my head
i think is it my heart
turning on a shaft
a waterwheel churning in my chest
flooding my veins
with turbulence


The Daily Post
The Daily Prompt: Chaos

10 thoughts on “turbulence (poem 20160509)”

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I’m so glad I found your blog through the Daily Post because I definitely see myself using one of your pieces as writing inspiration one day; your style of poetry is right up my alley.

  2. Well done! Bravo! *applauding enthsiastically*

    You have created chaos, without once mentioning it: from the “spinning” images and inner ear connections, to the “rushing rapids” theme, to the waterwheel (spinning again), to the flooding turbulence (rushing rapids theme revisited)…

    I “feel” like I’ve been on a roller coaster, but with a sense of completion (by tying those themes together at the end), that leaves me breathless and wanting to brush the hair out of my face…

    What a wonderful ride! 🙂

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