ashes ashes (20170917)

was everything you felt for me
a trick of the light?
some magician’s smoke
fanned to achieve

the appropriate density?
how many parts per million
were enough to make my
eyes water?

was the fire a reflection
in a mirror
without heat,
without the power to consume?

see my ashes for what they are
no trickery here
just crematory soot
bones to grind into flour

dream of the black horse (20160523)

–there were horses in the dream
what does that mean?

-what color were they?

–black horses, riding through
a grave yard

-i think you should be more
worried about the cemetery
than the horses

–seriously, what do they mean?

-horses are about power and passion
dark horses sometimes are about
dark passions, things you shouldn’t

–why a cemetery?

-something coming to an end
or your deviant passions
causing an ending

–you are so full of shit

-it’s not my dream


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