sojourn in flesh (20160725)

i want to be made of metal
and electricity
i wouldn’t mind the rust so much
if i knew it were coming
if i could clean and polish
the rivets and oil the joints

but unlike the woodsman
i can do without the heart
with it’s complicated gears
incessant ticking
always needing a gentle hand
to turn the key to keep it beating

even better, a data bank
–please, god, not the cloud–
would be a fine sanctuary
to store my mind
to let my consciousness expand
i promise i won’t
launch any nuclear anything
or ever go rogue
i won’t even bother you
asking for a game of chess


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Sanctuary

10 thoughts on “sojourn in flesh (20160725)”

  1. Data banks are factory-farmed brain-cells chained to the consciousness of the master. No individuality. No creativity. No fun. It wouldn’t suit you.

    1. I suppose you’re right. Maybe if there’s some way to plug it into a sausage or a pudding or something like that. Give it some kind of fleshy appendage.

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