sighs and pretenses (20160814)

we complicate the afterlife
or simplify it
smoking shadows or blinding light
always some kind of
inflated vision

of unimaginable prosperity
like a costco with free samples
in every aisle
no lines at the registers
and they take whatever credit card
you have in your wallet

of utter misery
processing travel reimbursements
with unclear reasons for changes of flight
destinations not approved
and receipts so crumbled and faded
they may as well be ancient greek

as for me
i will take peace and quiet
some kind of eternal stillness
as long as i can get


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Daily Prompt: Complicated

10 thoughts on “sighs and pretenses (20160814)”

      1. Fantastic poems? You’re making me blush. But it’s true. The last show I watched was Face Off, and I bought that on iTunes. Good show. They’re probably already making a new season.

      2. Hmm, I’ve never seen Face Off. Good, it’s actually healthy to blush — keeps the circulation going, and red is one of my favorite colors. I think you’d rather blush than bleed, so I’ll take your blushes 😀

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