Day 26/30 of the Tupelo 30/30 Project (20170826)

can you really say
that the stars have no influence
over your life?….


My poem she was tuesday’s child is available to read at the Tupelo 30/30 project page. Today’s poem is brought to you courtesy of a SPONSORED title from D. Ellis Phelps of FORMIDABLE WOMAN SANCTUARY. Also, today is her birthday!

Happy Birthday, D!

what we didn’t take (20160905)

something gentle as rain
falls on us
something like grace
something like whispers

it patters and puddles
at our feet
spreading like shadows
spreading like sunrise

our pockets are filled
with crumbs
maybe from cookies
maybe from cakes

we leave the umbrellas
we leave the coats
at home


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Daily Prompt: Cake