what we didn’t take (20160905)

something gentle as rain
falls on us
something like grace
something like whispers

it patters and puddles
at our feet
spreading like shadows
spreading like sunrise

our pockets are filled
with crumbs
maybe from cookies
maybe from cakes

we leave the umbrellas
we leave the coats
at home


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Cake

11 thoughts on “what we didn’t take (20160905)”

  1. Beautiful opening. The use of “umbrellas” makes for striking symmetry. I could feel that lightness, and the suggestion of an upward gaze from the beginning. By the end, I’m reminded of how unselfconsciously I used to play, as a child.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad it spoke to you. I was in the mood to write something quiet and peaceful tonight. It does feel a bit like a return to innocence.

  2. This poem resonates with me. I love rain. It’s funny seeing some people duck from raindrops and worry about their beautifully styled hair or fret as their cashmere sweaters get damp. I’m the complete opposite and would join you in the rain with no umbrella. We own one umbrella and haven’t even taken it out of its sleeve, yet.

    1. I love the rain but I always have a coat and hat. Not so worried about my pompadour since I don’t have much hair. But I have to keep my glasses clear or I’ll run into things.

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