lost in the dark (20161215)

you circle back
in this rain
retrace your steps to search for
that piece of yourself
you dropped

on the sidewalk?
in the gutter?

that thing you dropped
it is smaller than a snowflake
fragile as bones
woven of glass strands

and now
you say
i must go with you
to help you find it

i will bring a light
and hope my failing eyes
offer some assistance

10 thoughts on “lost in the dark (20161215)”

      1. No, I’ve read a couple boring poems you’ve written…… I’m kidding, of course! 😀 YES, I think all your poetry is imaginative and never dull. ❤

      2. Ha ha ha–ouch.

        I’m sure it’s a swing and miss sometimes… Even I read them, and go
        But thank you for saying so.

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