putting them down (20220409)

i stand still in one spot
an inch of rubber
keeps me from sending down
roots from my feet

the earth waits
patient because she will be
be here after i am gone
whether I have connected to her
or not

but how much easier it must be
to return
if our roots have networked
the soft loam
burrowed past the worms

weltschmerz (20160623)

taking a walk
through the industrial district
near work
is just like
being in paradise

you have the real breeze but
it can’t compare
to the warm wind whipped up
by the giant delivery trucks
and rumbling passenger-less trains

or the sweet scent
of diesel and gas
borne gently
on that wind
like a lily’s fragrance

the ground shakes
with traffic
as if the earth is new
and making itself
ex nihilo, ad infinitum

Poem 20151222

the water trickled under the fence
at first
carving out a channel
through freshly laid earth
rising over the edge
of the sidewalk
carrying soil
over the curb
a dirty waterfall
washing down the street
to puddle and waste

the water carried the earth
as the water always carries the earth
eroding it
and making new canyons

the dry riverbed
in sedona
rusty red from being submerged
millions of years ago
now hot and dusty
and waiting for rain
to carry boulders the size of jeeps
over cliffs
dirty waterfalls

earth carried
in the invisible hands
of water

Poem 20150401

everything starts as a seed
buried in the warmth of earth
buried in the dark of the earth

they say that we struggled out
of the sea
millions of years ago

that may be the truth
but it is much more true
that we break through the crust

of soil, climbing out of darkness
reaching for the yellow light
reaching for the heat
and gazing at the blue expanse