wind-up angels (20170701)

i take my wrenches
brand new and gleaming
chiming like tuning forks
shining like suns
and disassemble these
clockwork angels

gears for guts
tightly-wound spring hearts
hollow aircraft grade aluminum bones
unseeing marbles embedded
in deep sockets

[they do not need to see–
they fly in darkness]

their oxyacetylene lungs
power their songs
their wings
their breath of fire

strewn about
their parts litter my garage floor
run your finger over
eight laid out in a row
and they ring
in the dorian mode

11 thoughts on “wind-up angels (20170701)”

  1. Definitely a poem worthy of note. On a scale of one to eight, I give it a nine. Never once did you fall flat! …okay, seriously. This was a really good poem. And I’m guessing you are either a musician, or you had music training.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for all the kind words.

      I used to play an instrument (like, when I was twelve or thirteen), but I basically have no musical skill. I like a good song though. If I could rhyme a little better, I might trying to write songs.

  2. Funny how the mind works and assembles. I had no idea what dorian mode meant. My mind stretched toward Dorian Gray (where else was it supposed to go??)… shy, hesitant new meanings emerged. Poetry.

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