lung/lung breath/breathe (20161011)

rattle in the pipes
mystical blood flowing
through dragon veins
just the dishwasher
sucking hot water
from the heater
flushing food particles
too small to keep
as leftovers

your voices in the other
room where light
is brighter
music louder
though nothing recognizable

so much breathing
hopefully enough air
to go round

lung is the word
for dragon

7 thoughts on “lung/lung breath/breathe (20161011)”

      1. It wasn’t! Not that I mind obtuse! I once wrote an English sonnet that only makes sense (in a stupid sort of way) if you mistranslate it backwards into Japanese. 😉

  1. When I was a little bonehead, noises from the dishwasher or fridge would spur my imagination. Reading your fine poem, took me back to those early years. Ssh! I believe there’s also a dragon in the furnace!


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