Poem 20150802

the heat of the sun
lingers long after
i have escaped
to air-conditioned indoors

in spite of a thick
layer of sunscreen
and the hat with that flap
that covers the neck
like i’ve been on safari

it tingles like a memory
that won’t form–
a vague image in the foggy
edges of a dreaming mirror

or a desire that won’t
expose itself to the light
hiding under the skin
to preserve itself
and the skin

Poem 20150606

who hid the cloud
when the sun came out

it was here
just a second ago

keeping everything cool
and under a gray light

but now the shadows run
and shrink under our feet

and sweat runs down the
back of my neck

and the unrelenting blue
of the sky is like

a nightlight when
you’re trying to sleep

Poem 20150401

everything starts as a seed
buried in the warmth of earth
buried in the dark of the earth

they say that we struggled out
of the sea
millions of years ago

that may be the truth
but it is much more true
that we break through the crust

of soil, climbing out of darkness
reaching for the yellow light
reaching for the heat
and gazing at the blue expanse

Poem 20150309

the goats barely seem interested
in their treats
maybe because they’re too busy
wondering about the difference
in walking partners
their level of interest
skyrockets once
the chickens show up for crumbs
maybe it’s the time change
but the morning turned out colder
than i thought it would
with low, heavy clouds
still pretending that the sun
won’t break through later
if it parted the clouds now
like some old testament pillar of fire
the sun would bake us
and you would have to take off
your sweater when we walk back
and the goats would run for shade

Poem 20150219

there is something about the setting sun
that drives you to stare at the horizon
pink and orange with simmering clouds
the scattered light like musical chords
you cannot hear with human ears
listen! you would do well to examine your pores
rather than stare at stars, neighbor or not

Poem 20150211

like a song filtering through the air
on a clear day
when the sky is so bright
it seems like the sun will crack
the way an egg does,
breathing feels like flight
the sun like feathers on the skin
and your feet lift out of your shoes
because your shoes
are only meant to tread the earth
and you rise
and you rise
and the earth falls away
below your
painted toes

Poem 20150210

“how to make a star–a tutorial”
disturb a singularity
and let it explode
bing bang style
until the subatomic particles
form from the universal soup
wait a little while
until those particles coalesce
into atoms and make hydrogen
invent gravity
and pull the hydrogen into
a big ball of nuclear plasma

if you’re lucky
in the detritus from the star’s
birthday party
you might get a rocky planet
covered mostly in liquid water
where the apes will learn to make paper
and some clever bastard
will cut the paper into strips
and fold them
into little paper stars

Poem 20150131

she crawls on top of me
her skirt sliding up over
her thighs
bare knees pressed
against my hips
i can feel her heat
through my jeans
she leans down
her hair brushes
against my face
and she whispers
bearing down on me
like a fire
like the sun
her mouth against my ear
she whispers
“it’s okay if we do this”
and she presses down against me
and I slide my hands up her back
and find her skin
and her breath is fire

Poem 20150115

among the smooth grass
above the markers
three graces smile
holding hands
each looking in a different

only one has faced death before
and it is her constant companion
a shadow that no amount of light
can banish nor darkness obscure
the other girls will never know
the same way
the touch of his cold still hand
in their own small, warm, ever-moving hands

but the soldiers
who wait beneath their little feet
who wait beneath the warm loam
who wait silently at attention forever
have shared this with her
before their transmutations
and now as she smiles
on this sunny day