Poem 20150726

this new bruise on my wrist
already a dark mark
under the skin

i don’t keep most
for long
but how it appeared here

such a mystery

a horizontal bar with
a small tail
like dalet or resh

or a small burn
but without the pain
as if dreamed i pulled
a tray of cookies
out of the oven
and my hand slipped
and made contact with
the aluminum sheet where
the skin was exposed

Poem 20150607

the throbbing in the back of my neck is where i expect the cool touch of your palm where i expect the slow gentle descent of your palm to slow the throbbing pain there brought on by not enough sleep too much caffeine not enough water being out in the sun being out in the fresh air even though the fresh air usually helps and my neck has a throbbing pulse all its own it seems separate from the rest of my circulatory system separate from my heart which beats out its own time its own timing and and i wait for the cool palm that will slow everyting down