tides (20171205)

you hang in the sky
a morning full moon
pale transparent stranger
alone in winter white expanse

i’ve known you forever
as long as i’ve known
the moon

i don’t know you at all
don’t recognize
these changing faces
that wax and wane

while you pull at my tides
i beg for cloud cover
and remember how you cut me
and how i had to cauterize
my own wounds
so i wouldn’t bleed out

8 thoughts on “tides (20171205)”

  1. Freshly written. Wo7ld love the feedback from a poet like yourself. Please come to my blog and check out my new short called The Writers Block. Hope to see you there

  2. I like the way you have described the agony and indifference of tides, asking for cover, can’t recognise the waxing and waning self….
    By the last line, do you want to suggest the creation of moon and some part of earth being pushed out? Didn’t understand how tides cauterized?

    1. Hello and thanks so much for the kind words and for swinging by.

      If I understand your question, you’re asking if there is creation going on, either of the moon or part of the earth. For me, the metaphor of the moon is just about a distant other’s influence on us, and the tides are causing the oceans of blood to escape, the bleeding out. The cauterizing is self protection. Of course, that’s just my interpretation.

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