baggage (20170430)

the celestial beast
casts a shadow across
the moon as heavy
as god’s anchor

a sea boils, somewhere
and it stinks
of cans of tuna
and anchovies in oil


Last Day of National Poetry Writing Month!
Day 30

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4 thoughts on “baggage (20170430)”

  1. This one speaks to me tonight. I’ve opened something of a can of worms — and must now hope it’s not empty (poetry will tolerate the stink, I presume)! — as I’ve elected to participate in the Tupelo Press 30/30 Challenge, starting tomorrow, as in, there are no more days between now and then… Yikes!

    Congratulations on your awesome National Poetry Month accomplishments! I’ve enjoyed following along!

    1. Thanks. That’s exciting about the 30/30! I really enjoy your work, so I can’t wait to see it every day. Every single day. No pressure!

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