Poem 20150325

i whisper a secret in your ear

you smile, rise up
from where we sit
and walk barefoot
across the grass
to lean against an old fence
you try not to look at me
but i catch you anyway

a stream sings about rocks
and fish and water splashing
and in the distance
a handful of trees
whisper their own secrets
to each other
leaf to leaf
and branch to branch

your skin shines
like moonlight
and you move
like moonlight
illuminating everything
with each footstep
and beneath your toes
the grass
whispers a secret

Pome 20150206

the grass explodes
out of the earth
in ragged patterns
begging for the mower’s blade
the trees bud green and white
with fresh leaves
and new branches
the flowers that have survived
open their faces
unfolding like flags
we won’t surrender
we reach for the sun
we have waited for spring
and spring has not
forgotten us

Poem 20150129

i could write a poem
about the trees i have planted
in my back yard
i can see them from the family room
i can almost see them from
my office
but not from a seated position
i have to stand in the doorframe
and crane my neck
to see the silver sheen
and the spindly avocado

but absent from view are
the lemon and lime trees
the trees i was most excited
to put in the ground

the lemon has blossoms on it now
and reminds me of all the things
in my life that blossom
that swell from a green bud
into the promise of fruit
and finally into the fruit itself

sometimes the fruit is small
or bitter
or ugly
but usually
it is a miracle

Poem 20141221

the wind blew
and the trees shushed the twittering birds
in their branches
–that which slumbers must
forever dream beneath the loam–
and the birds which sang before
sang no more
and their tongues shriveled in their mouths
and their feathers became hard like scales
and they fell
flightless to the ground
and though they made not a sound
something stirred
from sleep