buying the ant farm (20170604)

i wave at you
separated by a thin pane
of plexiglass
and wish you would
turn my way
wish even more
that these chemical signals
i am emitting
could pass through
this see through wall

trapped in parallel
we dig and tunnel
and carry our dead
while gargantuan eyes
track our moments
tap on the wall
and collapse ceilings

as this while
you walk left
and i walk right
but separated as we are
we never encounter
one another

and i wish these chemical signals
were vowels and consonants
and i wish i could send a smoke signal
that would rise above this flatland
and you could turn your head
and read me

Poem 20150928

it’s tiring
all of this saving
you save one spider
that crawls across your sink
fighting the urge to smash it
only to rescue the moth
the cat has trapped
by the sliding glass door
and you sigh
when you find the ant
crawling on your sleeve
maybe from the bush
you passed on the walk
and you brush it off
though you know if you found it
in your kitchen
you would have smashed

even mercy
and only the memory
of reincarnation
stays your finger
suspended in the air