another tree conversation (20220428)

i want to tell the tree
that in a couple of days
men will come and cut them down

this is not for anything the tree has done
but as a precaution
though they are too far to endanger the house

they are girdled and too close to siblings
too likely to take one of them down
when next the wind changes direction

i want to ask their permission
but how can those words be said sincerely
when the saws will run with or without it

instead i apologize
and promise to use every part
to reclaim the sunshine he has stored

Poem 20150322


a leaf does it
though i almost
never see the action
just the evidence
brown and split on the ground

tracked in wet and flat
on the bottom of my shoe
and always always near
the entryway
just in time for the cat to spot it

and in this drought
i try to feel guilty
for watering my trees
but i can’t work it up
because these are my trees
and their leaves