Poem 20150304

you’ve done something to your hair
i think
it’s still as long
but styled in waves
that make me think of
ribbons more than beaches
and a spot of color
varied gold and brown
with black spots
the coloring of a hawk
you pass by
dressed for business
and barely have time
to give me a smile
and hint of your perfume
but it is enough

Poem 20150131

she crawls on top of me
her skirt sliding up over
her thighs
bare knees pressed
against my hips
i can feel her heat
through my jeans
she leans down
her hair brushes
against my face
and she whispers
bearing down on me
like a fire
like the sun
her mouth against my ear
she whispers
“it’s okay if we do this”
and she presses down against me
and I slide my hands up her back
and find her skin
and her breath is fire

Poem 20150104

in the car
the radio plays a beatles song
come together
and i sing along, loud
and risk a glance
you move your head
and toss your hair
but you don’t sing
even though you smile

i tell you some trivia
i learned as a kid
about the song yesterday
and it’s original title
scrambled eggs
because i like to look smart
around you

the familiar song on the radio
there’s a bridge
where there shouldn’t be one
and i realize that this is a dream

i want the dream to stretch out
to see where i’m driving with you
but like a candle
the light flickers out
leaving smoke and the stink of burning
–the only evidence of the flame

Poem 20141221

the wind blew
and the trees shushed the twittering birds
in their branches
–that which slumbers must
forever dream beneath the loam–
and the birds which sang before
sang no more
and their tongues shriveled in their mouths
and their feathers became hard like scales
and they fell
flightless to the ground
and though they made not a sound
something stirred
from sleep

Poem 20141126

i see her through a sliding glass door
not sure how or why
only i know
in the logic of dreams
and madness
and fiction
that she and i shared a moment
a passion
and that shortly after
she died

but there she is
on the other side of the glass
alive even though i remember
seeing her buried

i open the door

aren’t you happy? she asks

i came back