apex (20161207)

the hawk took up more space
than its feathered frame implied
brooding on the light pole pinnacle
watching cars
smart enough to know
that some rabbit would eventually
be spooked by the growl of tires
and make a break for the cover
of the sparse, low brush
lining the onramp

for a moment i’m that hawk
hooded eyes
cool detachment from everything
not at eye level

but all too soon
i am again that rabbit
hoping for sharp shadows
tall grasses
slow traffic
or the mercy of the tire

Poem 20150704


the hawk pursued something
into the bushes

i didn’t see if what it was after
had flown or scurried
but it made it safely
into the thick underbrush

the hawk backed out
stood on the pavement
and peered into the grasses
willing its prey to come out

failing that it
flew up to a branch where
it could wait
with the resolve that hunger provides

he didn’t move when
i took his picture
or the family of three
jogged by with their
youngest on a bike

raptor is like rapture
his orange eyes cold
for all their heat
his next meal in question

i wouldn’t fit in those talons
so didn’t merit consideration

Poem 20150304

you’ve done something to your hair
i think
it’s still as long
but styled in waves
that make me think of
ribbons more than beaches
and a spot of color
varied gold and brown
with black spots
the coloring of a hawk
you pass by
dressed for business
and barely have time
to give me a smile
and hint of your perfume
but it is enough

Poem 20141121

Hey. it’s Friday. Let’s try a haiku.

Every teacher assigns theseĀ little jewels to theirĀ students because they’re just three lines, right? and you just have to have the right number of syllables. I know after reading them and reading about them that it’s not that simple to distill a single moment into something so compact. But I love haiku.


on this cloudy day
the hens loiter near the coop
while a hawk watches