picture in picture (20171010)

i look at a photograph
a woman with short, curly hair
stands in front of a window
holding her phone up
as if she is taking a picture

i half close my eyes
aqueous images
parade across my vision
all specimens for inspection
under a microscope

one transforms into a jet
slides from right to left
top to bottom

it looks like she is taking a photo
while a plane descends erratically
behind her back
the crash inevitable

i take a mental picture of her
her hair is short and curly
the window in front of her
is closed
she is trapped between
a plane
and a plane
pressed between dimensions

her picture
is a picture of a window
that is closed

her hair is curly
it descends erratically
inevitably crashing
against the nape of her neck

she is a specimen for inspection
under a microscope

14 thoughts on “picture in picture (20171010)”

  1. Ooh, feels like an episode of Twilight Zone.

    “Meet Irene Katastroffee. Every time she brushes her hair, a plane crashes. Enjoy this hair raising trip into the Twilight Zone.” šŸ˜œ

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