recipe for a broken sonnet (20161206)

if you really want to fuck someone up
make sure you tell them how much you
care about them and how much
you’re thinking about them
every minute of the day

check their feeds on every social media
platform as often as you can
maybe you could get something for the car
so you can check on them hands-free

send them shit they don’t need
and remind them that you really
really love them and that they’re
the center of your universe

it’s a recipe to scramble their brains
eventually they believe it–or you do


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19 thoughts on “recipe for a broken sonnet (20161206)”

  1. while reading this poem for the first time i thought that the persona was cruel, but then i realized that the persona was probably just describing what someone did to him or her. i like the duality of it.

  2. Love your title! It does have a stalker-ish feel to it but hey, they’re out there and hopefully we don’t cross paths with them and we don’t end up with our brains scrambled!
    Gayle ~

  3. I like this. It does not have to deny the fact that romance is a thing but just shows that it can be distorted or we can be distorted into believing that we are in love with someone.

  4. Words and feathers crow
    The must be some way out of here
    Said the crow to the queen
    Feathers have caught my mind
    I got some relief
    Just so you know
    That I know that you know
    As always Sheldon

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