Open Mic for June (20160604)

Time for the monthly Open Mic Invitation.


I admit that I wasn’t great last month. I only added one reading. What kind of example am I making here?


Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Record yourself reading one of your own works.
  2. Post it on your site (or Soundcloud or any other audio hosting site).
  3. Include a link to this post in your post
    OR Comment below
    OR or send me a message using the contact form.
  4. I will post a link with your name and poem title RIGHT HERE and on the new Open Mic page (it’s above in the menu).
  5. It’s an open mic invitation. NOT a challenge.

Also, if you can think of a way to improve the format, I’m all ears.


Crow wings of ash (words and audio)


Poet Rummager aka Rose Buried


Graceful Press Poetry aka Jennifer Swans


Crow the eternal hum (audio) and (words)


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