wings of ash (20160607)

everything moves in a circle
what i have breathed in
i will breathe out

my spine pushes its way out
through the back of my neck
hot skin, dry eyes
no pain, just pressure
like when the doctor says
you may feel a little discomfort

everything moves in a circle
what i have breathed out
i must breathe in

heavy, dark wings
emerge from my back
black snake fireworks
intumescent ash and billowing smoke
rings of fire carving new bones
where my shoulder blades once were

these wings beat
throw dust into the air
create tornadoes of choking, blinding sand
but they cannot lift me
and my arms hang now useless and free

everything moves in a circle
what i will breathe in
i have already breathed out

13 thoughts on “wings of ash (20160607)”

  1. Your reading was so dramatic! I loved it!! It’s really cool when an artist has so much passion for his work. Amazing words, too. I’m impressed!

      1. It was really great! I wish more writers would be as bold 🙂 Um, I think I may have something to recite tomorrow… I’m hoping! I’ll link to your open mic page if/when I do.

  2. your reading on the audio file is very effective. my wife, sitting nearby, said it was “spooky.” I’d certainly say “dramatic.” the resonance of the blog’s name and this poem makes for interesting reading and listening. my favorite art of the poem involves the black snake fireworks.

    1. Thanks! That’s my favorite part as well. I remember lighting those off and my mom complaining about what a waste of money they, not being pretty or even making a noise. But I was fascinated with them.

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