the eternal hum (20160622)

everyone tells you
that after this life
there is another life

but no one warns you
that death waits
also for you there

and after that ending
there’s another
paler incarnation

again and again
each life more diluted
than the last
until you can’t tell yourself
apart from the sea of white noise

a revenger follows his hate
knife bloody from one life
to the next
so eager to re-enact he gladly
sheds his flesh and bones
until he and the despised

become one

and there are no more screams
only the emptiness
of the eternal hum


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Daily Prompt: Empty

12 thoughts on “the eternal hum (20160622)”

  1. I love how this takes you down down down to disappearance… but what a ride into the eternal hum. Quite a different view – poetry at its best.

  2. I love the eerie effect this poem has and how it feels like walking deeper and deeper or lower and lower into the earth which is kind of the idea you get when you die, you are buried and then go into the earth and the idea of redying that you introduce goes along with the overall feel of the poem. Overall, wonderfully crafted. Keep on writing like this. It is really enjoyable to read.

  3. I am awestruck at this realistic and cynical look at death. You now make me very scared to die. Thank you so much! Lol. Excellent writing.

    1. I aim to please!

      I had been reading a preview webcomic about a detective in the afterlife and thought, what if when you die you could just keep dying only your afterlives got worse and worse.

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