on viewing netsuke (20160604)

hand-carved figures
moving through routines
drinking, working
and working while drunk
fighting devils and feeding
the destitute
like miniature saints
so small three may they fit in
in the palm of a hand
their desires must be tiny
their furies microscopic
their fears miniscule
if only i could shrink
i would welcome my boxwood skin
though i would be forever
frozen in one moment

8 thoughts on “on viewing netsuke (20160604)”

  1. I love netsuke and I am always drawing them. They have amazing stories too…but I believe they move when we are not looking! (K)

      1. I have a very old rabbit netsuke that dates to the turn of the century. It’s not ancient compared to others that are thousands of years old. I’ve had it for at least 15 years.

  2. I love this, and I don’t know why, exactly… lol! Of course, I like a lot of your poetry, but usually, I can tell you why.

    Anyway… carry on. Nothing to hear here; I’m just speaking out loud to myself… 😉

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