ashes, ashes (20161115)

my lust is no longer
a trickle
and i feel you against
my palms
straining against/with me

i’m a goddamned train
that refuses to
arrive on time
the schedule is trash
fit to line
bird cages

if we were made of paper
then getting close to me
would cause us both
to burst into flames

ashes are good

10 thoughts on “ashes, ashes (20161115)”

      1. Sometimes I get them in the right order. Most of the time I’m pretty sure I’m wasting everyone’s time. But what else am I going to do? So I keep at it.

        Thanks so much. I think your words are pretty special.

      2. Thank you…I am about to record one because I can’t sleep
        do you want another for your open mic?

  1. I’ve always believed that being unaware or not feeling so much, is easier on our hearts and mind. Pleasant is right about your way with words. I find this piece, in particular, to be dangerous and all too consuming. Potent and intoxicating. Utter madness. ❤️

    1. Thank you, Rose. I agree that ignorance can be bliss. But sometimes you gotta flip on the light.

      I’m really glad you got something out of this one. 😘

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